Michael Bremner

Michael Bremner has worked in kitchens ever since leaving school in Aberdeenshire, experiencing different environments around the world before settling permanently in Brighton.

Following a weekend pop-up at a local boutique, Michael opened the doors to 64 Degrees in the Lanes of Brighton in October 2013. His aim was to create a restaurant focused on social dining, where people can order several plates to share.

With Michael being a chef through-and-through, 64 Degrees revolves massively around the food – the main feature being the open-kitchen; diners are encouraged to sit at the pass and watch the food be prepared right on front of them. The menu is ever-evolving, with the aim of being engaging, exciting, but also accessible to everyone.

Since opening, 64 Degrees has received many accolades, winning Best Restaurant in the Brighton and Hove Food and Drink Awards in 2014 and 2015, with Michael being recognised with their Special Recognition Award in 2016.

In both 2016 and 2017, 64 Degrees was voted Best Restaurant in the Brighton Top 20 Awards (where Michael also won Best Chef both years), and the restaurant has been voted in the National Restaurant Awards Top 100 List every year, with a high of number 16 in 2016.

In 2017 64 Degrees was also voted best restaurant in the BRAVO awards, a Brighton-based public vote.

As an innovative and experimental chef, Michael was invited to compete on BBC Two’s Great British Menu in 2016, representing Scotland. After winning his region to make it to the finals, his fish course was shortlisted for the banquet, scoring a perfect ten from veteran chef Daniel Clifford and tens across the board from all the judges.

Despite not making it through to the banquet, Daniel Clifford said of Michael’s fish course: ‘I think this is a real testament to the coming of age of British food – I can’t criticise this dish!’

The following year, Michael again appeared on Great British Menu, and scored a perfect 10 when cooking for veteran judge Nathan Outlaw with his dessert who commented: ‘When you told me that this dish was bananas and maple syrup I was worried it would be too sweet, but this dish was spot on.’

He was also impressed with Michael’s fish course, scoring it a nine and commenting: ‘This was a super dish. The presentation was stunning, the cooking was precise and very fitting of the standards of Wimbledon’.

At the judging chamber however, it was the main course that impressed the most, scoring perfect 10s across the board with the unusual choice of braised ox tongue. It was with this course, named The Grass is Greener, that Michael won the competition, cooking at the Banquet at Wimbledon Tennis Club.

Since his success on Great British Menu, Michael opened a follow-up restaurant called Murmur in the summer of 2017 on the seafront in Kings Road Arches, close to the i360 tower. The restaurant offers a different dining concept, serving fresh, local dishes for lunch and dinner in a stunning beachside location.