Some Changes

This year is our fifth since opening – which when thinking about it feels crazy, the time really has flown by and it’s been an incredible journey so far.

Within this time there’s certainly a feeling that there has been a shift in the way food is being produced and the way people are eating.

Moving forwards we want a menu to reflect this.

It’s no secret that eating a heavily meat-based diet is becoming more and more unsustainable.

Animals are being mass-reared to keep up with demand, which is having huge ramifications on the environment, on farming and on the actual quality of the meat itself.

Something we’ve always tried to advocate at 64° is the use of lesser known cuts of meat to demonstrate how the whole animal can be used and to use local, sustainable suppliers. Moving forwards our food will continue to reflect this, but what you will see is a reduction of the number of meat dishes that we’ll be offering on our main menu.

Jackson and Jake at Trenchmore, a A sustainable farm in West Sussex, selling Sussex x Wagyu beef

Recently there’s been a definite shift towards a more vegetable-focused way of eating, both in restaurants and in people’s homes.  Anybody who works in the industry will surely have noticed that there has been a significant increase in people eating plant-based diets, which in turn has caused a shift in focus in the industry. The Guardian has reported a 350% rise in the number of vegans in Britain from 2006-2016, while 542,000 people in the UK said they were vegans in 2016, which suggests this isn’t just a passing trend.

With the population ever-rising and therefore the demand for food, it is likely we’ll see the price of meat increase due to the high impact of having to provide for so many people. With this increase in meat price, plus people’s general awareness of the whole situation, It’s going to be incredibly important to embrace what promises to be an interesting and exciting paradigm shift in the restaurant world.

This year on Masterchef: The Professionals, Matt Campbell, who tragically passed away competing in the London Marathon, was a great believer in this and showed how he had fully embraced the shift. He insisted to those who suggest vegan eating is limiting that “restrictions breed creativity”. He regularly spoke of the “untapped potential” of plant-based food, and this is what we try to embody at 64 Degrees with our vegetable dishes.

The vegetable plates on our menus have always been a great source of interest, and our chefs relish the challenge to create and elevate these dishes.

Carrot, Miso, Peanut

We’re not turning in to a vegetarian restaurant or anything like that, nor will the ‘vegetable’ dishes strictly be 100% vegetarian all the time; what we are going to do is make the vegetable the star on more of our dishes. We will continue to showcase the fantastic produce from our meat suppliers, both on the main menu and on our new specials board, but we will be increasing the number of vegetable dishes on the main menu.

Squash Cappellacci, Cavolo Nero, Pine Nuts

After all, meat doesn’t make up a third of our diets anymore – so why should it remain a third of our menu?

One of the most exciting changes to the format we have in mind is a new option for guests in groups of any size to order the entire menu.

We’ll be removing the headings of Fish, Veg and Meat and instead will list the dishes in order of heaviest to lightest.

The whole menu will be available for tables of any size for £45 per person!


Last month we said goodbye to our Head Chef Sam Lambert who, having been with us since day one has left for pastures new.

We’d like to say a massive thank you to Sam for all his incredibly hard work over the last four and a half years – he’s been an integral part in making 64° what it is today, and we wish him all the best for the future.

Sam Lambert

Moving forward, we’re incredibly proud that our Sous Chef, Michael Notman-Watt, will be stepping up as our new Head Chef. Having joined us in June last year he’s been an invaluable source of ideas and energetic support for our team.

He started his career at the institution that is Emile’s in Putney Michael joined us at 64° London as Junior Sous, before heading to Robin Gill’s The Dairy – spending two years there.
Michael has an extraordinary creative spark and we’re looking forward to seeing him continue to take 64° forwards.

New Head Chef Michael Notman-Watt

We’ve also seen changes take place within our Front of House team, and we’re delighted to welcome back Brad Tanner as Restaurant Manager, after he helped oversee the opening and first few months at Murmur.

Brad himself brings with him an eclectic base of experience, having also worked as Assistant Manager at MEATliquor and The Kettle Black (Melbourne), and the energy and exciting ideas he has brought since his return has been plain to see.

Michael and Brad

It’s an extremely exciting time for us at 64° – Owner Michael Bremner is developing new menus with Michael, Brad and the rest of the team as we aim to continue to surprise and excite customers with what we feel is a unique offering in Brighton.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be making some exciting new changes to our menu’s format and content. We’ve always encouraged evolution at the restaurant, and with all the changes in personnel we feel it’s a great time to develop and push on to the next level. Watch this space….